Real-Time Web test – Does HTML5 WebSockets work for you?

This test was created to study implications of using WebSockets in real-life scenarios. Having WebSockets supported in your browser doesn't guarantee they will work for you. Antiviruses, firewalls and HTTP proxies may interfere WebSocket connections, sometimes rendering them useless.

On this page you can see how well WebSockets can work with your Internet Connection, your Antivirus and all other software you have. The test checks WebSocket operation by connecting to the WebSocket-enabled server and exchanging the data. The time displayed in "Server time" line should update every second if WebSockets work for you.

This server supports WebSocket Protocol proposed standard (RFC-6455, December 2011), per-frame-deflate-extension-00 draft, older websocket drafts as well as even older Hixie drafts 75 and 76 (August 2010) with the fix for HTTP reverse proxies.

Jan 31, 2011 - version 1.2

This test was created by Mikhail Platov, inspired by HTML5 test created by Niels Leenheer.

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